Erasmus Life With ESN Marmara

My Erasmus Experiences

Posted by Sara on March 20, 2019

“Welcome to my erasmus experiences. ”

My name is Sara from Galicia (Spain), and join the Erasmus+ program in Istanbul was one of the best decisions of my life. A few weeks before my arrival, a member of ESN Marmara University wrote me an e-mail telling me that he was my peer budy and offering me some help. The day I arrived, I’ve been like 2 hours waiting for the passport controls, looking for my lost luggage and getting lost in the airport. I was very nervous because Ege was waiting for me outside, but still he received me with a big smile and kind words to make me feel better. I was so scaired that day, it was the first time I travelled alone, almost 4.000 km far to my country. The first three weeks there were different events everyday. As I didn’t know anybody there, I went to all of them. In the Turkish Breakfast I met some random people: a hungarian, two czechs, a estonian and a polish.


At that time, I couldn’t imagine that we were going to be so close to each other and become a kind of “international family” for the next few months. Since that day I started meeting more people every week and making different plans: Sometimes drinking çay, smoking shisha and playing tavla..


(at least once in a week!) …eating the delicious turkish breakfast… img

….partying… img

…travelling… Cappadocia (one of my favorite places in the world for now) img

Sofia, Bulgaria (we took a train hotel in Istanbul and travelled for 10 hours to get there) …and I also studied sometimes haha img Coffeetopia, Kadiköy (our favorite place to study: free wi-fi, good coffee, not many hipsters as in Starbucks…) I met a lot of different people that I never imagined being with, and I think

that’s the best part. We all met in a very short time, but it was very intensive. I think the Erasmus experience helps us to forget about our prejudices and stereotypes, to be more social and open-minded. To forget about the differences, just respect and tolerate each other. I recommend everybody to do something totally new, in a different country with a different culture if possible. It will enrich yourself and show you a new perspective of life and people. Thanks to Erasmus for letting me study abroad while travelling and meeting new people. Thanks to ESN Marmara for making my experience easier and funnier!