Erasmus Sweetheart

My Erasmus Experiences

Posted by Hazal on March 20, 2019

“Welcome to my erasmus experiences. ”

I did my erasmus at the Marmara University in 2018/2019. We were cared for by our buddys ( before the arrival as well as in Istanbul and some erasmus students had more luck with them buddys as others ) and in addition ESN Marmara took care of us, that means they prepared events like chilness, parties, trips and even “charity events”, like collecting food for street cats. The first week has very nice events so there is something for everyone, unfortunately I couldn’t take part in any events during the week and I regret it, because here you make first contacts with other erasmus students. But even if you miss the first week, you can still get in touch very quickly, especially since the ESN Team takes care of you and is very open-minded. Even shy people quickly find new friends. The parties are great, as good as always one takes place, e.g. on halloween, New Year’s Eve and the good thing is they are mostly in cooperation with other universities. What I think is really good is that there is a meeting once a week, this meeting is used for everything e.g. Christmas Party or just chillin and meet new people. But the best thing about my whole Erasmus have been the Trips, I can only recommend everyone to take part in all the trips. We had trips to Foca Izmir ( the only one I didn’t went to and i regret it), Pamukkale/Efes/Kusadasi/Sirince, Kapadokya and a daytrip to Bolu, I wished we also had trips to Fethiye and a Skitrip, but these ones we organized privately. I really can’t think of anything negative about the trips, even the bus rides are funny because in the bus you dance, sing, play … you can nearlly do everything in the bus ( also sleep but I mean I can sleep everywhere so … ). The activities during the trips are great, you learn a lot about the place (for the people who are interested), the food tastes good and the accommodation is also nice (especially the hotel in Kusadasi). If you don’t go to the trips it’s your own fault and you miss a lot, I can really say that the trips are one of the best memories of my Erasmus and I don’t regret anything. What i can recommend is the quad ( or ATV) tour and Turkish Night in Kapadokya was just really cool and fun, just go and see by yourself. And the trips take place in cooperation with other universities, mostly with ESN ITU and ESN Yildiz, even more people, even better mood, and you get to know new cool people. And last but not least our Erasmus Sweetheart Dilara, she is the best really the best i don’t know anybody who is in such a good mood like her !!! She plans all the trips with a lot of love and she makes sure that there is something for everyone, that everyone feels good and she has so much understanding and patience and you have to give her a lot of credit for that. Personally i wouldn’t have the patience but she always manages every situation so everyone is satisfied and in a great mood. She is also always approaching people, which means that even if you haven’t found the right connection yet, there is no worry Dilara takes care of it. So she is not our Erasmus Sweetheart without a reason and probably nobody will ever be able to take her place. I had a great time at University and in Istanbul (execpt for exams) and I am glad to have had this experience and i would do everything again exactly like that. So go to the parties, chillness events to the trips you will regret nothing absolutely nothing and feel lucky to have this chance to meet new people, see new places and make great memories that will last forever. I allready miss my time.